I want to share some key take aways from our HomeVestors Fall Training Summit and my presentation “100% Pure Focus”. Our team truly started from scratch just like you. But as the numbers show, if you have set goals and a vision, and IF you focus on what will build your business and make the most money, you will succeed! Focus is the key.

1. Always Know Your Numbers – Staying focused is difficult, but HomeVestors supplies tools that help us do just that. In our office, we’ve developed a routine of reviewing the Lead DashBoard daily. What that means is that we study the results of every buy call, every appointment, and every offer response. By discussing every failure and success, we understand the metrics well enough to predict our future results with a higher level of certainty. “Always Know Your Numbers”. If you don’t know the metrics of your business, you WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL. Period.

2. Studying is not enough – you MUST take action. The actions you take result in either failures or success. Constantly reviewing each is the only way to improve your results. Systematize your business. HomeVestors has done a large portion of it, but every office creates its own unique system or “flow”. Anytime a situation interrupts the completion of action, review your system for improvement. Study-Systematize-Improve.

3. Network to build your buyers list. This requires that you get over the fear of talking to potential buyers and investors. YOU MUST network in public. Yes, you can do email and online campaigns, but nothing beats meeting people face to face to create authenticity and credibility. Then, build your internet profile to capitalize on internet marketing and email campaigning.

4. Fear is real. Use fear to your advantage by calling a mentor anytime you run into obstacles. We all experience fear. Get to know people who have overcome what you are experiencing. Don’t hesitate; when you need support, make that call.

5. Patience is truly a virtue. We high Reds have very little patience, but patience is needed to accomplish your goals. Without patience, you’ll end up buying something crazy and taking your eye off your goals. Give yourself permission to wait. If you follow your processes, the results will appear (in time). Stay in the “Zone” of success and the momentum you create will continue to carry you forward.

6. Always promote your business “SHAMELESSLY”. If you don’t who will?

7. Grow! Together as franchisees, we are MORE powerful, successful, and intelligent  than any of our competition! It’s all about the Brand, so do your part to grow it.

Bottom-line: Study – Systematize – Improve and GROW with Focus and Patience.

To your success.

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