After doing this on our own for several years, one of the best things that we have done was joining HomeVestors!  Little did we know at the time we also would be signing up with one of the best coaches / Development Agent we have ever had.

The support, guidance and the nurturing has been invaluable to us while we learn the systems and build our franchise.  Jim  has taken a one on one approach with us and looks at every aspect of our business. From mentoring, looking at offers we’ve made and correcting mistakes before they happen. The entire HomeVestors experience, with Jim’s help, has been nothing but a positive influence in our lives.

Jim Williams brings a special energy and expertise that cannot be matched.

Thanks Jim

John and Corinne Tesh

As a coach and development agent for HomeVestors, Jim brings added value to the franchise system. SST training in Dallas provided me with the theoretical knowledge of the system, and Jim goes a step further and coverts that model into practical application at best.

As I began in this industry as a novice franchisee owner, he was able to reduce the learning curve and expedite the results. Without Jim and his invaluable mentorship, it would be a challenge to implement the model in the preliminary stages. The positive energy he brings to the table is contagious in a manner that has direct impact on results and performance.

Samir Bhagat


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