Jim Williams iTunes Podcast

Freedom Real Estate Investing interviewed Jim Williams to ask his strategies and advice on a number of investing topics. Jim and his wife own 125 rental properties in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. Their story of a couple taking action steps toward their freedom is one that you need to hear.

A couple of Jim’s comments:

“Your ability to manage fear will dictate the level of success you can attain.”

“The freedom that we have been able to attain has been mainly in the people we hang out with and choose to be around. When you have a job, you’re thrown into an environment of the people who are there because they’re paid to be there. With the environment we’re in today, we choose who we work with, we choose who we do business with, we choose, for the most part, who we interact with.”

To hear Jim’s story, ideas and suggestions, click Freedom Real Estate Investing.


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