Jim Williams – Development Agent Real Estate Franchise Coach and Mentor

Are you currently a real estate investor, wondering why – or if – you should purchase a Franchise? Here’s what happened with our team who, after years of “going it on our own,” decided to purchase a HomeVestors Franchise. Our family, coaching clients, friends, and peers all thought we were CRAZY! Why mess with success?

Jim Williams, Kiet Nguyen, and Karen Rittenhouse (JKK Property Investors), purchased a HomeVestors franchise after 10 years of being mavericks in the real estate investing business.

No matter which business venture you enter, don’t take the time and expense to recreate the wheel. Find someone who already has a fully functioning wheel and buy it from them. This will absolutely start your business years ahead of anyone going it on their own. We know, we did it the hard way – we did it OUR WAY. We wish we’d had the HomeVestors way much sooner, but we have it now and we’re loving it!

“I’m a systems guy and even though we’d created piecemeal systems, they weren’t as integrated as the ones HomeVestors provides. When running the kind of operations we had, knowing where you stand at ALL times is critical. The HVA dashboard metrics, with lead to conversions and marketing cost analysis, gave me the ability to drive the machine we have. Plus, with the MAPS 2.0 contact management system, the Franchise Activity Reports dashboard allows us to see the results that our staff, sales department, and buyers are producing. It’s awesome. In the past, I drove everyone in the office nuts asking them daily for activity reports so I could keep up with everything. Now I easily see it all on my office desktop! No longer does our staff run from me. Half as many meetings, twice as much productivity!”

To Your Success,

Jim Williams